Alms Fingeryyah Book Al Ushul Atstsalatsah, Tsaqifa and Al Quran


Our Da’wah Safari activities thank God for exciting the activities of Islamic society around the Banten Recovery Command Post, namely the suburbs and the coast of Banten. The desire of the people to learn Islam is very encouraging, hopefully in line with the guidance of Allah SWT, for that our Da’wah Safari Team needs books as follows: 
1. Translation of Al Ushul Ats tsalatsah * (fragile n Tsulul Ushul), Rp 50,000 / Book
2. * Tsaqifa * (practical Qur’an reading method), Rp. 40,000 / book
3. * Al Qur’an *, Rp. 100,000 / book

* Help in the form of an * Book please send to the Office of the Adhwaulbayan Foundation, PGRI Selapajang Jaya Middle Building Cp: 0812 9496 7002/081384042994
Jl. Bouraq No.4, Karang Sari, Neglasari, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15121 or send directly to our Post-2 please contact our Command Post Coordinator for this period Ust Usman +62 812-9721-0345 or Ust Fatih +62 852-1574-1788

* Assistance in the form of funds, please TRANSFER to Account: BSM 7075720925. Adhwaulbayan Foundation *
Please transfer with a transfer marker add numbers * 911 * to the number of transfers to * Account: BSM 7075720925 an. Adhwaulbayan Foundation *
Please confirm “Jariyah Book + Name + Transfer Number” to Cp: 0812 9496 7002/081384042994

* Banten Recovery *
_ * Synergy Unites Potential for Dedication * _
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